Previous In Stores

The Disc Exchange has a long history of hosting great in-store performances. Here are some of our favorites from days gone by...



John Davis (Superdrag)


During the 5 year break from his nationally acclaimed band Superdrag, frontman John Davis put out two very personal and telling solo records. Ever a friend of the Disc Exchange, John played this in-store in March of 2005 at the release of his first solo record, John Davis.


Del McCoury


It seems old Del stops by the Disc Exchange everytime he passes through Knoxville. Even if he doesn't have a big gig, Del and the boys are likely enough to stop by just to play a few songs. They're just as comfortable pickin' on our tiny stage as they are at the Tenessee Theatre.


the Avett Brothers


The Disc Exchange has hosted many national acts over the years, but it's nice to have 'em before they really blow up. This in-store by the Avett Brothers came just as national fame swooped in and they became a household name.


the Tenderhooks


Our motto "Keep it Local," is evident even in our in-store events. The Tenderhooks are fast becoming Knoxville's latest "industry darlings." After 3 records and as many drummers, the Tenderhooks are poised to take over the world with their latest record, New Ways to Butcher English.


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